2* Ize Of The World


“The Strokes” an indie rock band from New York that is famous since 1998 and highly appreciated for keeping ROCK alive release this song on their 3th album called “First Impressions of Eath” along with other nice songs as: You Only Live Once and On the Other Side.

It’s a long song of about 4:30 minutes but that just reaffirms how great it is, along with the amazing guitar solo and the lyrics to analize, it’s got also that crazy effect of making you feel relax but wanting to move so bad at the same time (!)

Here’s a fine video with the lyrics on screen: “Ize of the world” The strokes – Video & Lyrics

I personally agree with this comments below the video:


The “ize” in the title of this song is perfectly used since it’s almost the soul of the song: all the things that happen in society and that media, governments and all the powerful owners of the world seem to do…

Waiting for certain ideas to fertilize, trying to stablish a same rhythm in everyone, cleaning ideals, teaching kids, scaring persons, manipulating whole generations, on so on…

But it also tells us how we’re reacting or NOT acting. Some people know what’s happening and have the needed ideas for a change but aren’t brave enough to act. Others are just asleep or their mind is wandering but they aren’t getting anywhere. And it makes us think too in all the people that fought for what they believed in or who died trying ~how would they feel about new generations staying quite when facing injustice?

And does it resembles COMFORMITY?

Finally it push us to THINK and analyze ourselves. What are we doing or what do we think? How are we helping others and using the best of us to make a change? It reminds us that MUSIC is here to help express our ideas and feelings, to give meaning to our lifes.  And it clearly states how much potential we have, we know that we’re concerned about the world but now we must start planning what to do next…

Not letting another day slip away doing nothing when we’re doing nonsenses because that’s what will kill us at the end.

…Analyze the lyrics http://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=1122678

I think I know what you mean but watch what you say ‘cause they’ll be trying to knock you down in some way…Sometimes it feels like the world is falling asleep. How do you wake someone up from inside a dream? 

Your mind would wander and search for its place in the night. 
Your body followed this feeling like following light. 

Once that your music was born it followed you ‘round and then it gave your activities meaning and let you be loud. 

You’re sad but you smile.
It’s not in your eyes. Your eyeballs don’t change. It’s the muscles around your eyes. 

An egg to fertilize, 
A pulse to stabilize, 
A body to deodorize, 
A life to scrutinize, 
A child to criticize, 
Young adults to modernize, 
Citizens to terrorize, 
Generations to desensitize. 

Your dreams are sweet and obsessed and you’re overworked. You’re overtaken by visions 
of being overlooked. How disappointed would Dead Idealisitc Desperate Iinventor Pioneer Philosophers be? To see such power in our hands all wasted on greed.

I am a prisoner to instincts or do my thoughts just live as free and detatched as boats to the dock? Just like when music is born and detached from your heart is your free time to free minds or for falling apart? 

Night after night, you turn out the light. You don’t fall asleep right away. “Are we… are we done?” 

A desk to organize, 
A product to advertise, 
A market to monopolize, 
Movies stars to idolize, 
Leaders to scandalize, 
Enemies to neutralize, 
No time to apologize, 
Fury to tranquilize, 
Weapons to synchronize, 
Cities to vaporize.


5 respuestas a “2* Ize Of The World

  1. The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves

    Me gusta


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