3* Runaway Baby

AH, YES… Well, look at here, LOOK AT HERE, what do we have? Another pretty thang ready for me to write about<3

L.O.L. It’s Bruno Mars, baby 😉 it was just a matter of time for me to write about this awesome singer. I can’t help but being her fan and even though there are a hundred songs from him that I like, today it’s the turn of one and a half of them called “Runaway Baby”  from his first album “Doo-Wops & Hooligans”.

So if you haven’t heard this song already, GO CHECK the original sountrack with this lyric’s video and after that, or if you already knew the song, I highly recommend this live music video were you can watch this boy dance and sing amazingly while moving the crowd in Paris (!)

The not-even-tried-to-be-hidden message in this song
is great for being that HONEST:

Runaway if you don’t want to get in trouble. Never before a guy has been so sincere! The confession of a rockstar who’s accepting that all he wants is to have fun and isn’t looking for “true love”. Clear and direct for all the groopies that ever dreamed to marry their idol! So before they get the chance of meeeting him and end up feeling disappointed… here you find the perfect warning.

…And some of the lyrics of “Runaway Baby” Bruno Mars – lyrics :

Well, look at here, what do we have? Another pretty thang ready for me to grab.
But little does she know that I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing ‘cause at the end of the night it is her I’ll be holding!

“I love you so” that’s what you’ll say,
you’ll tell me “Baby, baby, please don’t go away”
but when I play, I never stay.

To every girl that I meet, this is what I say:

Run, run, runaway, runaway, baby!

Before I put my spell on you, you better get away, darling, ‘cause everything you heard is true.

Your poor little heart will end up alone ‘cause Lord knows I’m a rolling stone!

Well, let me think, what should I do? So many eager young bunnies that I’d like to pursue.
Now even now they eating out the palm of my hand, there’s only one carrot and they all gotta share it!

See I ain’t try to hurt you, baby… No, no, I just wanna work you!

If you’re scared you better run.

At last but not least:

Just because this is the first SATURDAY of this 300 days of music… we’ll have “one song and a half”. The HALF song of this post is another one from Bruno Mars and casually called “Runaway” . This is a huge different tune, is slower, too romantic and worth listening if you’re feeling in love. So don’t miss it and go check it out too!


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