11* Paradise City

I don’t know why but on weekends I just feel like going far away… away of pressures, rutine, school, work, boredom :p


And as usual, the best way to go away is through... music (!)


Not exaclty through drugs as many people claim was the real meanig of the title of today’s song that when you re-order it’s letters reads “Easy Acid Trip” but even if that’s not true we can’t deny that from beginning to end this song is addictive.


And that’s made possible by the best and only “Guns n’ roses” since the amazing first 10 seconds with the electric guitar, then drums for another 10secs and after 20secs Axl Rose singing the legendary phrase


While watching the official music video of this song, enjoy the memorable introduction recorded while they where in tour with Aerosmith presenting at the Giants Stadium of New Jearsey and almost in the middle of the video watch them boarding the Concorde to go far away!


…And the everlasting lyrics :

Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. (Oh wont you please take me home) Take me home!

Just a’ urchin livin’ under the street, I’m a hard case that’s tough to beat, I’m your charity case so buy me somethin’ to eat, I’ll pay you at another time… Take it to the end of the line!

Ragz to richez or so they say, ya’ gotta-keep pushin’ for the fortune and fame, It’s all a gamble when it’s just a game, ya’ treat it like a capital crime… Everybody’s doin’ their time!

Strapped in the chair of the city’s gas chamber, why I’m here I can’t quite remember, the surgeon general says it’s hazardous to breathe, I’d have another cigarette but I can’t see…Tell me who you’re gonna believe!

So far away (…)

Captain America’s been torn apart, now he’s a court jester with a broken heart, he said “turn me around and take me back to the start” must be losin’ my mind- “Are you blind?” I’ve seen it all a million times


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