22* Where are you now

1, 2, 3, 4.. “Union J” 

I know what you are thinking (probably the same I thought when I saw them for the first time) they look completely like One Direction, no kidding, they are highly easy to confuse with Louise Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne :O except they’ll be missing one band member (if you did notice)…


And we are not so far of the truth because they are a british boy band as well and they also came out from The X Factor in 2012.


Event that, I can’t deny they do sing in tune and I liked the different voice tones between them, ignoring their too teen-pop style that lately I haven’t found very appealing and that was one of the main reasons for choosing today’s song over this band’s other singles because they were way to cheesy and POP that I preferred an acoustic version in which I also liked the way one of them plays the guitar 🙂


The lyrics and the music combined in this song are the least pop you’ll listen from them(!)

The different heights in the music make it enjoyable and entertaining to listen along with the lyrics that aren’t selfish or teenage-like but in fact nearly poetic for the exact way of describing feelings, thoughts and situations after a broken relationship…


How we try to convince ourselves that we don’t care  about our broken hearts and how we try to convice others that we are STRONG enough to move on without trouble.

When the reality is that we can’t think about anything else than our love one </3

but there’s hope, as in this song, that someday we will be over it and perhaps we’ll find somebody else to fill their place ❤

On the official music video of this acoustic version of course the objective is not to distract but to appreciate the music, their voices, the song itself.

Sure I did but without missing the details they highlighted trying to sell their image, focusing on their clothes or accesories as much as on their personal traits as tattoos, hair styles, eyes, and everything else, HERE my favorite details:


…And the not so cheesy lyrics :

I guess I wanted you to believe
That nothing really mattered to me
I told myself that if you were gone
I’d just carry on

But trying to move on only hurts
It’s one step forward, and two in reverse
But since the moment I let you leave

All I see is you
When I wake up
You, when I talk
You, when I lie down
You, when I walk
You, when I’m sleeping
You, when I try to breathe

(You just keep on haunting me)

I’ll get over the way that you got over me
I know that I’ll make it there eventually
Get my heart to erase somehow
And stop wondering where are you now

If I gave it all to someone else instead
Would you pack your bags and get out of my head?
Someday I won’t even look around
I’ll stop wondering where are you now

I never wore my heart on my sleeve
Love was always my enemy
Since the moment I let you leave



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