25* Some place on earth

Here is to all the readers and the true friends…

I’ve heard this band before and I thought was just o.k.

Today I found this official music video and from second 1 the kind of misty film and the fast blur mixed with wide focuses caught my eye and after listening to the full lyrics, I had to write about it.

“The Downtown Fiction”

They come from Fairfax, Virgina and are defined as an “american pop punk band” that started back in summer of 2008 posting their songs in Myspace and gaining fans. Their name is inspired in the movie “Pulp Fiction”. By now they are 4 members who have published 4 albums (!)

Perhaps this song could be a -whatever- between other singles of them but the way it begins with the drums and the melody as background without making it burdensome to your ears but suddenly accelerating the beat and adding a cool voice along with a clear electric guitar that will be setting a fast pace, is great even when reaching minute 3 and start going slow…

From the video I loved the characters included as the photo-camera guy and the drawing girl, both wandering in the dessert, coexisting with nature and animals, trying to find each other.

La foto se está cargando

La foto se está cargando
Click on the image for MORE!

The story developed from beginning to end in a not so protagonist form that allows us to appreciate the landscape and the details as the given coordinates to find “some place on earth” were they can be together and how they followed them with their vintage compass until at the late afternoon the find the place, the person, or just the moment.


…And the terrenal lyrics :

This is the rush you get when everything feels so good and in a moment, the feeling’s gone

These are the things we said that we let go to our head and then we realize, what we’ve done

This is the song that we sing
For every loser and king
For all the friends and the thieves
Some place on earth

This is the day that we’ll see that everything’s make-believe
We’ve all got somewhere to be
Some place on earth

Here’s to our expectations suffering mass-deflation when somebody let’s us down
And here’s to the bets we placed that came down to just one race and in a second, we’ve lost it all

Some place out there is out there somewhere
She’s out there somewhere
He’s out there somewhere too


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