Spring Break forever (!)

Right now we’re on the Spring Break week, one of the excuses reasons why I haven’t update daily as I use to… but I’m not crazily partying as you may think!

This Spring Break I travel but not to the beach and far away from the sea there’s no mad stuff happening. By “mad stuff” I mean drugs, sex and crime as the movie “Spring Breakers” let’s us see.


American drama film of 2013. If you want to watch the movie here’s an option!

So I’m home again and I’m determined to blog daily again but not before watching a movie 😉 and for some reason I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since I heard that Vannesa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and hot James Franco were in it, even though that I also heard how not-Disney-like it was.

(Some spoilers ahead!)

First of all, this movie is definitely not for children because of all its sexual content, swearing and violence. It basically exposes every possible legal and illegal activity during a Spring Break.

The movie is visually all a planned-blur, it has lots of phosphorescent colors, bright lights and many dark scenes between shadows.

Its sequence is also unique because in few seconds it presents several scenes of different moments that happen before or after the main scene but that are intertwined with it being its causes or consequences.


Also the audio is not exactly related to the scenes that are being presented because sometimes all the different scenes share a voice in off, usually from Faith (Selena Gomez) or “Alien” (James Franco) who are the most reflective characters.

The soundtrack of this movie is really good, the chosen artists are music idols of the moment and all songs are perfectly related with the feeling of the scene. Click here to a link where you can listen this full soundtrack and on the description of each song you can read the scene where they are play in.


Thus the film has an interesting time rhythm that may seem kind of confusing but is actually lineal since it presents from the beginning the approach in which it introduce us to 4 girl-friends who are in college dreaming of going on Spring Break and by short scenes the film starts giving us a lot of information about their thoughts, feelings and frustrations.

This first approach to the main characters will be an elemental basis to get along with their further actions. In few words: everything will go crazy… crazier than you think.

It’s not only about guys and girls in the beach with alcohol, music, late-night wicked games and teenager hormones but it is about their fears, their insecurities, the lack and the search of love, the limits of friendship, finding their identity and watching how far can a teenage mind go.

The first big sign of broken limits comes when they assault a restaurant to get money for their trip. After that, the film is divided in two parts before-and-after their detention (because further on they’ll be caught by the police but not for what we’ll imagine). The first part is the average teenager Spring Break getting drunk in the beach and the hotel then they’ll get arrested in a party for using drugs and after “Alien” pays for their liberation the fast-lane part will begin.

For me it was hard to tell how many days passed while they were on average Spring Break and after it because the first part seemed too fast for me and the “fast-lane part” seemed too slow.


As for the characters and actors (one of my main reasons to watch this movie):

In my opinion, Selena’s character is not far away of the usual image she’s got.  If you saw Monte Carlo (Disney movie that she starred) she almost used the same line of dialogue kind of “I want to go away to a place where I can be different and where I find my true self so I can be happier” and on that movie her mom told her something like “Is not magic, traveling won’t make you a different person” well that is debatable but at the middle of “Spring Breakers” we watch her crying to go home even though she had swear before she’d like to stay there forever.


At first I didn’t believe she would actually leave the main plot and I was expecting her to come back regretful for leaving but at the end the last time we saw her in the movie was crying on a bus back home. Her tears showed regret either for leaving or most likely to me for having stayed too long…


I believe that she finally understand how she couldn’t change her true self because her tough conscience and her natural principles were part of herself and traveling, meeting new people, living different experiences will hardly ever change that. Perhaps she became a better a person by learning from her mistakes but after all she couldn’t stand a situation that was far beyond her limits and that’s no wrong nor right but merely a fact: if you want to change you have to do it for the right reasons not just because of other people or not because you’re in a different place.


As for Vannesa Hudgens, she’s also got a tough personality in this movie as in many others but here she went a bit off her usual limits by playing lesbian and criminal parts. Is weird to see her as a “good girl gone bad” because at least I’m too used to her Disney image but this movie started and ended with her showing her character’s determination in the middle of the whole confusion.


Last but not least, James Franco not being hot but looking rude. The personification is astonishing as well as his performance, his speech and slow acting really make you forget about the actor and focus on the character which is the most laudable capacity of an actor.


If there’s a moral of the film I believe it would be that
“everything in excess is bad” and somehow this is specifically related to the dangerousness of taking yourself to the limit.




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