Is loveVOGUE again

A  month ago I was listening to this lovely song that I hadn’t listened to in awhile…

Lovebug from the Jonas Brothers.IMG_20140515_101217


While listening I was also reading a past edition from one of my favorite magazines which is teenVOGUE

It was specifically DECEMBER/JANUARY 2014 edition with Selena Gomez on its cover:


Well, since it was a past edition, I was basically just enjoying the pictures and while feeling creative and crafty I started this little outfit kind-of-collage that I just finished and I want to share it with you ❤


Down below you can see it full resolution (or the best I could achieve) by CLICKING on any image and then going through it like the 2-pictures gallery that it is, divided in upper & bottom parts of the outfit 😉

(I made this collage by cutting out my favorite images of different issues inside the magazine but I tried to glue under every image in the collage its brand and price)

In my opinion this outfit is pretty atemporal since it has basic-clothing as a printed white t-shirt, a leather jacket and a skirt. The ankle boots and the neckleace are more trendy just as the diverse options of bags and accesories 🙂 but in fact, I would wear this -or any similar- outfit all year long!

Do you like it? Let me know what you think of this!




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