53* We own the night

Kind of One Direction but less childish in some way. They are 5 hot talented british boys too 😉

The Wanted

Today’s song is from their album called “Word of Mouth” released last year (2013).

Here’s the official music video… so british, full of teenage spirit, -everyone- getting ready to party, set on a pub that hosts elders as well as youth, memorable.


The beginning of this song is entrancing with the high notes of the electronic music and the voice. Also that sound similar to a bagpipe is pretty original for an introduction. And come on! a crowd singing along out loud from second 25, that’s enchanting.

Oh, and if this boys know something about fame is how to bring out the best of every experience music video by picking the best chicks around to act as their lovers! Seriously, within seconds they show almost chicflick scenes while playing, dancing, laughing or singing with their partners.


AND watching this boyband singing together as friends on top of a table instead of putting on a “cool choreography” is the best boyband appeal.

The lyrics are memorable as well (for a party song) reminding us that we should enjoy ourselves more than we enjoy alcohol 😉

TRULY, recalling that a part of being young relies on “carpe diem” and acknowledging that we won’t be “forever young” but that what’s important is how we will be remembered. And, yeah, we don’t need to save the world to be greatly remembered but we must enjoy our lifes so our memory will remain as a positive legacy.

Further more keep dreaming. Life is a box of fullfilled and forgotten dreams, you just have to choose which dreams are you living.

Still, above all this, I’d stay with the “lalala” that is so contagious ❤


…And the daring lyrics (spanish/english) :

May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight 
May we sing and dance till we lose our minds 
We are only young if we seize the night 
Tonight we own the night… 

La la la la la 
La la la la la 

When my time is over, lying in my grave 
Written on my tombstone, I want it to say 
This man was a legend, a legend of his time 
When he was at a party, the party never died 

Hey, everybody’s got a dream so what do you say 
Are we making history? 


For tonight I’m famous, for tonight I’m king 
And I will be remembered, for centuries of sand 
This man was a hero, a hero of the night 
When he was at a party, the party never died 

Hey, i’m a little drunk, but I got something to say 

And let us wake up in studded strangers bed 
Let the drinks comes in until nothing left 
And this night my friends we will not forget 
Tonight we own the night…



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