69* Magic

Still believe in magic?

Of course I do.


I know they don’t need much presentation because we’ve know them for so long but anyway…

A british rock-pop band formed back in 1996 with (of course) 4 magic members.

Today’s song is one of the singles featured on their 6th album called “Ghost Stories” released in 2014.

The official music video is in black and white telling the love-drama story between a magicienne and her assistant… but the real story out of this song is that no matter how we call it, when love crosses our paths everything comes down to magic moments with a special one.

And even if it goes wrong somehow, even when we feel broken and no matter how surreal love may seem at times, that indescribable feeling will be always real because the magic will remain forever in those moments.

…And here are the lyrics (spanish/english):

Call it magic
Call it true
Call it magic
When I’m with you
And I just got broken
Broken into two
Still I call it magic
When I’m next to you

And I don’t know,
I don’t, it’s true

I don’t know, I don’t
When anybody ask but you
Call it magic
Cut me into two
I’ma fold your magic
I disappear from view
And I can’t get over
Can’t get over you
Still I call it magic
It’s such a passion doom


Wanna fall
I fall so far
I wanna fall
I fall so hard
And I call it magic
And I call it true
I call it magic


And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic
Oh yes I do

Of course I do.



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