71* Have we met before?

The piano, his voice, just 2 minutes and you fall in love

A london guy with an innate creative sense and a surprising talent for filming… Will Darbyshire is one of my favorite youtubers at the moment and today’s song was the soundtrack to his 38th vlog called “Sunday” in which you’ll find a hispter love-story captured in black and white ❤ go watch it now by clicking on its title mentioned before!

Also I strongly recommend you to visit his youtube channel (which you can do by clicking on his name at the beginning of this post) to watch nearly 40 short videos that capture moments, travels and thougths that have no better way to be expressed whatsoever.

Tom Rosenthal

The genious behind this original music is another british boy called Tom Rosenthal, you can fin more about him and his music by clicking on his name right in this paragraph 😉

Anyway, he is a 27 year old songwriter who has released 3 albums so far and you can listen to today’s song right here.

…And the calm lyrics:

are you thinking
is she close
do you struggle with umbrellas
are you leaving
are you home
have you timed this badly
have we met before

are you staying
did you fall
can you count to ten in German
can you whisper
can you lie
did you design your own website
have we met before

are you sleeping
are you wise
what can you see from your window
are you hungry
are you calm
are you on a great adventure
have we met before

are you reading
did you choose
can you see into the future
are you listening
are you scared
will you know it when you see it
have we met before


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