72* Lightning in a bottle

Enough of romantic thoughts and songs.

We still are young, we should be running free and singing along with our friends!

At least that’s what this song reminds me of…

The Summer Set

Featured image

It might only be spring but this american band from Arizona makes it feel like summer has already arrived!

Even though this band was formed in 2007 they already have four studio albums and until the present time the play everything that rhymes with pop: rock pop, punk pop, power pop…

To be honest, the very first time I listened to this song I thought I’d hate it because (let’s face it) it’s just way too much pop!

Nevertheless it only takes a minute to love it. Actually, it takes exactly 50 seconds because once the chorus is started you can feel why the call it “power pop” and it’s easy to understand why pop is the one genre that sustains the music industry: catchy rhythm and cheesy lyrics.

Luckily this ain’t “just another boyband” because one of its 5 members is a cool and talented rocker-lady!

Finally if you watch their official music video you’ll see it starts with the sound of a beating heart and snapshots of a group of friends (which immediately reminds us that we’re alive and there’s so much to live) but after that I’m not responsible of what you’ll see because, excepting the neon lights, the kind-of dork dancing around on a red suit makes not real sense if you’re paying attention to the lyrics…

That’s why you preferably should watch these lyric video instead ❤ I really enjoyed the roadtrip narrative on this one, the group dynamic with their natural acting, the shots, the camera effect, the colors and the landscapes.

In general I found these last video a lot more suitable for this song that talks about being young, silly and crazy. Traducing wildness into celebration, transforming a spark into a fire, making singing and howling a singular form of expression, being ready to dance in the rain without caring about anything else and just reminding us that we don’t need to change.


…And here the enlightening lyrics:

Out in the wild
Party in nowhere land
We start a fire
Sparklers in every hand
No phones, let go
Cut all the strings tonight
Singin’ aloud
Howlin’ right at the moon
We’re making out
Life’s never felt so good
Bring on the storm
We’re wilin’ out tonight

Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain
And your jeans soaked through
But you smiled anyway
Throw our hearts in the air

We’re catching lightning in a bottle
Don’t give a fuck about tomorrow
Yeah we’re dancing in the backseat
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow
Yeah we’re rolling with the thunder
Now take a breath, we’re going under
We’re getting busy on the backstreets
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow

Back of the car
Blankets and me and you
We’re running on perfectly wasted youth
I’ll hold you close
We’ll call this home tonight

And the fake tattoo that you drew on my arm
Had an X and an O
Never change who you are
Throw our hearts in the air

Hearts in the air
Here in the afterglow



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