73* Georgia

It isn’t a big secret that if you play a guitar intro you immediately get my attention.

Vance Joy

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I thought it was a cool name for a band but it came out to be a one man show…

James Keogh born the 1st of December 1987 in Australia is a songwriter and singer better known as Vance Joy!

He was a football player before becoming an artist still he seems really atractive with that cute smile, golden curls and sexy beard.

Oh and obviously such a great voice, lyrics and rhythm (!)

In September 2014 he released his debut album called Dream Your Life Away in which today’s song is featured.

The music in this song is beautiful and relaxing, the beat of the drums and the piano seems surreal as they combine streght and sweetness just as the lyrics explain the combination of innocence and wildness.

And the official music video gets to show us the warzone of enclosed emotions. A lifetime debate ❤

…And here the lyrics (english/spanish):

She is something to behold
Elegant and bold
She is electricity
Running to my soul

And I could easily lose my mind
the way you kiss me
will work each time
Calling me to come back to bed
Singing Georgia on my mind

Lips generous and warm
You build me up like steps
Eyes innocent and wild
Remind me what it’s like

And I could easily lose my mind
The way you kiss me will work each time
Pulling me back into the flames
And I’m burning up again
I’m burning up

And I, I never understood what was at stake
I never thought your love was worth it’s wait
Well now you’ve come and gone
I finally worked it out
I worked it out

I never should have told you
I never should have let you see inside
Don’t want it troubling in your mind
Won’t you let it be




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