87* La lune

Every year around this month we have an spectacular night sky with a full moon that makes us “gaze dreamily upward”. And every now and then around this world we have a particular emerging talent that makes us close our eyes and fall dreamily into the music.


Pronounced “ma-dee-on” as quoted repeatedly on twitter by the namesake singer.

This young-french-DJ-and-producer-prodigy’s true name is Hugo Pierre Leclercq, born in may 30 of 1994.

Today’s song features Dan Smith as singer and it’s part of his debut album Adventure of electro house and synthpop sound.

In between the cute, finely-played music and the lyrics, I get this urge of expressing what comes to my mind everytime I listen to this song… And even though I can’t send it on a text message as I should, I’ll write it down here for you:

I miss you. And even if we talk a lot, nothing is the same in the distance. I try not to get carried away by life, carried away from you but deep inside I know nothing will ever be the same.

I’d like to forget what it felt like to be with you just to get over you more easily now that I need to. But even if we change, I promise, for you I will always stay the same.

…And here the awesome lyrics (english/spanish):

Sometimes these memories pull us under
We get lost talking, days gone by
But we’re not getting any younger
Now it feels like real life has dragged us in it’s time

So we stay awake, like we always do
And we try to recreate
And enough has changed and I’m next to you
It doesn’t feel the same

I would never change, what our past is
Written in our bones, it’s who we are
I just can’t control, where my mind goes
When it goes to far


Does it matter if we change?
Does is matter at all?
Don’t you worry about me friend,
Don’t you worry at all




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