104 * Lights Down Low

The subtle surprise you get when you find an old acquaintance and realize how much he/she has changed, makes you think about the time gone and wonder if you’ve had changed as much…

I met MAX way before he no more needed a last-name to be known. Max Schneider, a Nickelodeon kid doing Youtube music covers with Kurt Hugo Schneider; my favorite cover of his was CRUISE by Florida Georgia Line and his medleys with Victoria Justice of Maroon V and Bruno Mars. Today I came across this song randomly, loved it and felt odd when I realized that I had once known the singer.

“Fuck that”. Next song I heard from him is Basement Party and automatically feel like I was officially invited into his new life-stage, I’m still kinda nostalgic while listening to his musical evolution but there’s no place for feeling blue after listening to Gibberish ft. Hoodie Allen and watching its interesting -reverse and forward- music video.

This kid is definitely talented, he sings and dances like a pro, so while most of his music isn’t far from the modern electro-pop trend at least his moves spice up his musical proposal. Still my chosen song from him is “Lights Down Low” which it’s a bit different from his other songs and I’d say its various videos are worth watching.

We’re just reckless kids
trying to find an island in the flood



103* Toothbrush

On a recent post I stated that I’ve changed and that my musical taste had aswell… well, it’s true I enjoy electronic music a lot more than I did before but if we analyze it (and you know how much I love to over-analyze everything) actually my musical taste has changed just as much as the people in the music industry has evolve. Why?

Resultado de imagen para NICK JONAS albumResultado de imagen para miley cyrus albumResultado de imagen para selena gomez album 2015Resultado de imagen para demi lovato album

I grew up listening to Disney stars’ CDs: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato… And after a quick check of my favorite spotify playlist I found: Closer by Nick Jonas, Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus, Body say by Demi, Can’t keep my hands to myself by Selena and ultimately Cake by the ocean by DNCE who’s nothing but Joe Jonas new band.

Interesting grown-up music choices I’ve made lately, right?

Turns out that 10 years later I’m still listening to the same people! Good news I’ve widen my repertoire too… However lots of songs from this artists had stick with me for quite some weeks, for instance take SWAAY album by DNCE that even though it just features 4 songs it’s killing it with singles as Cake by the ocean (which was funny to find out with James Corden what the title truly stands for) and Toothbrush which music video is enormously different from the previous single.

Actually, Toothbrush caused a digital-revolution when it was released starring plus-sized model Ashley Graham. It triggered media headers as Billboard‘s “Challenging beauty standards” in which they interviewed the model and she said:

“So often we see the typical ‘video girl’, who’s definitely not a size 14/16. It doesn’t accurately portray what our world looks like, especially because the average size woman is a size 14. It’s really important that all industries celebrate diversity, especially diverse body types.”

I beg to differ but even though there’s no common ‘video girl’ in here, the music video itself still doesn’t portrays what my world looks like! I’D WISH! Joe Jonas, New York City, morning dancing at his flat, night out kissing at a club, netflix and chill by the evening…

JK, seriously though this video does makes a statement: celebrate diversity, celebrate reality. And not reality tv where everything’s half true/half acted but just average moments, average people. Yeah, memorable celebrations.

No need to question next time we meet,
I know you’re coming home with me.


102* Tired of talking


Some people might think that I’m good at expressing myself, but God knows I’m not… It’s so hard for me to speak up my mind, to say what I feel and explain exactly why. Nevertheless I guess that’s the main reason why I write because usually I talk too much but express too little but oh, I’m  tired of talking!

If there’s something that I hate is “small talk”. My mind freaks out everytime I start talking about ~the weather~ because we all know that’s so basic, so superficial… and yet I do it sooo frequently. I find it hard to talk about meaningful things because I’m afraid it might sound pretentious or on the opposite that I may sound stupid. Yes, I’m afraid. Afraid of being myself 200%. But who I am then? An iceberg like everyone else, of course.

Don’t you think is time for all of us to change a bit? To improve a little bit?

Don’t wanna hear about your crazy drunk night out
I don’t believe that you just passed out on the couch

I can see it, something in the way you move
You’re acting like there’s something left to prove

End the “small talk”, stop bragging about your hangover, quit the gossip and tell me what inspires you instead, what do you like to do on a rainy day, which is the painting that has awed you the most, who you rather travel with, where do you wanna go…

In case you don’t feel ready yet, also acknowledge that the silence is just as important as the music (here is this song to prove it btw enjoy that relaxing intro and finale). We don’t always need to talk, but somehow we’ve become so obsessed with avoiding “awkward silences” that we’ve manage to avoid all kind of silence; but next time we’re starting to panic about them, let’s remember there’s something else we can do instead of talking: LISTEN.

If we only stopped talking for a while not only we would connect with others but also we’d start listening to ourselves, understanding a little more about who we are.

At least that’s why I love listening to music.. there’s always so much in my mind that overwhelmes me that even makes my heart feel heavy  at times but while listening to the rhythm, the artist and the lyrics it seems easier to me to also listen to each thought of mine, it helps me define what I feel and why, and then writting about it gives me clousure and also pleasure.


I wanna get rid of the feeling, turn it all around.


101* Closer

If you say you don’t like this song, you’re lying.

My dear friend Jorgina rocks and two days ago she wrote that as caption on the Instagram video she posted of her(talented)self covering Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

shia labeouf motivation just do it motivateI couldn’t be more thrilled about it and I’ll be pushing to make her record the full cover, so feel welcomed to join the cause and leave a comment on her video saying “JUST DO IT!” ya’ know…


Anyhow… 5 months, no post! Ugh, I don’t even know how I survived this silly self-imposed writting break but I’m back at it again with the music posts! (#lol #sorrynotsorry for all the bad viral references you might get to read around here for a while).

Honestly I don’t even know how one do this… writting, expressing yourself, communicating without ‘social filters’. I’m out of practice but I’m decided to get in line again and here’s where I explain how…

Wikipedia (God bless it) reads:

Chain smoking is the practice of smoking several cigarettes in succession, sometimes using the ember of a finished cigarette to light the next.

During the last 3 years I’ve been blogging at feritzel.wordpress.com and among several posts I’ve done, I’ve managed to write about a hundred different songs and artists. It all started because of my love for music. I used to know the lyrics to every song, new and old, fast and slow, it never crossed my mind that I would lose that talent one day nor that my music taste would ever change but here I am 3 years later still loving music but visibly changed.

I’ve realized that writting is therapeutic for me so naturally I want to keep doing it and I want to do it more and better, so I’m using the ember of a finished era to light a new one… liferstyle.com

Here I’ll still be sharing a different song every Wednesday (because we all need good music to overcome the week) but also I’ll be writting about love and other drugs, like movies, books, series, fashion, cool places, food, inspiring people and lifestyle.

Uff, if you’ve read this far you’re probably a brainiac (or my mom or my best friend, ily) anywho thanks a lot and yeah, I forget just why I left you, I was insane!

And finally, the song in which I based all my metaphorical rant and the one we hate to love or love to hate:

P.S. We ain’t ever getting older.