Arte y café

Si es cierto que siempre volvemos a los lugares donde amamos la vida, eso explicaría porque los personajes de FRIENDS siempre están en Central Perk, los de HIMYM en Maclaren’s o yo en Arts & Coffee Co.

Esta cafetería me regaló tiempo para concentrarme y ser productiva pero también espacio para ser creativa y estar tranquila. Su café y sus delicias de comida me dieron bastante alegría (sin contar las calorías).

Por estas razones, y otras tantas más subjetivas que no riman, le dedico este post a un lugar que no solo me enamoró con su comida, servicio y decoración, sino que su peculiar e indescriptible estilo me hizo amar la vida una cucharadita más.

Ubicado sobre Av. Renato Leduc al sur de la Ciudad de México, Arts & Coffee Co. es el lugar ideal para todo, ya sea que vayas a trabajar o a relajarte, a platicar o a apreciar su buen gusto musical, a escribir o a leer, a inspirarte o a dejarte llevar…

Hay lugares como este en donde el tiempo pasa más lento, más rico. Esos son los lugares que debemos buscar en nuestra vida. A veces los encontramos a lado de personas únicas o a veces son momentos, como cuando tomamos una larga ducha con agua caliente, o en la música, como con las canciones de Passenger que son perfectas para relajarse y descansar. De la misma forma, en ocasiones son lugares físicos como este los que hacen que el tiempo se detenga y la vida se disfrute más.

18254295_10212897685378114_1997884745_n.jpg 18302446_10212897686298137_737018956_n.jpg 18302279_10212897685978129_2044542547_n.jpg

A media luz, en la terraza, en un sillón o en una de sus mesas altas, en Arts & Coffe Co. no dejarás de sentirte como en casa (y lo dice alguien que ha estado lejos de su hogar varios meses). Esos lugares que te dan más de una opción para ser y estar, te hacen sentir libre, único y original aun entre cuatro paredes y rodeado de la misma gente.

Te invito a que hoy pienses en qué hace que tu mundo deje de girar aunque sea por unos segundos. Seguro alguna vez lo has sentido y si crees que no es así, presta más atención a la próxima pues es bueno tener presente qué lugar, persona o momento tiene tu ritmo ideal para esos ratos en los que necesitas un break o recargar energía.


Siempre hay forma de jugar con el tiempo, solo tienes que descubrir cómo, con quién o en dónde…  En mi opinión, no hay nada mejor que sentarse a escribir entre arte y café, así descubrí la magia de este lugar y así recomiendo que busques tu país de Nunca Jamás; solo tomándote tu tiempo para disfrutar.



100* This Love

We’ve hit 100 posts about 100 songs in this blog!

And after writing about a hundred songs, all from different artists and from a wide range of music genres, times and backgrounds, I was wondering what have changed for me, in this blog but also in my life…


I started writing posts about music two years ago and the first song I wrote about was Wild Heart by The Vamps just after I listened to it for the first time. The beginning of that post reads:

This week one of my best friends –with the best music taste– shared with me a song from a british boyband. I felt surprised when I saw it wasn’t One Direction nor The Wanted but a not so popular band with one less singer “The Vamps”.

At the time I was fully a Directioner, previously I had been fan of all Disney artists from Miley to the Jonas Brothers. I could sing to every song in the radio as if I had studied the lyrics before, actually, and the people who know me won’t let me lie about this, I could sing to almost every song including Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams (all time favs). Well, I still do…

However by the end of that post I also mentioned something about road trips, friends and running away… Luckily for me I’ve made lots of road trips with friends already and in some way I’m always on the run. But also, two years later, The Vamps has turned out to be one of my favorite bands ever; I love their covers, video blogs, new album and, simply, I love them!

While realizing that I didn’t know anything about them before I wrote that post and the fact that I didn’t imagined I would become so obsessed with their sound after I published it, I’ve realized that life resembles a lot to music in the way that at first we are all strangers but you never now who might end up being your boyfriend, your best friend or even your hero.

This love for music unites. For me, it’s fascinating to see the way music brings together a variety of people that otherwise would hardly meet. For instance, take concerts: kids, teenagers, young adults, ADULTS and everyone there is enjoying the same moment together and singing along to the power of music regardless of their differences!

Ultimately that’s what I love about music; it’s an experience that’s better if shared because it connects you with those you have around and also the ones who are far away and at times even with those who have long left…

Weird thing is that I started this part of my blog by writing about some random band I didn’t know and today I’m celebrating with this classic band I’ve always adore. I guess, it’s just the habit; to always come back home. But if there’s something else I’ve learned through this blog-experience is that even though first impressions matter, you can always take a second look at the situation/person/song because at the end, changing your mind isn’t as bad as it may seem. And sometimes accepting that you were wrong is just as right as being right. Did that make sense? I hope it did.

So back to the point of what has changed… Certainly lots of little things most of them for the best, some hard to forget but the vast majority glad to remember. Overall I’m happy to see that I’m still that girl who appreciates her friends, life surprises and good music taste!

And that’s the reason why I made the following video for you to enoy. 😉

This month I had the opportunity to watch Maroon V playing live in Mexico City. I went to their concert with an amazing friend of mine; we sang out loud, danced a lot (as you can tell while watching the not-so-steady shots on the video #sorrynotsorry) and once again I remembered why I’m so so so in love with music, trips and experiences like this.

I also included a short tribute to one of my best friends, Fer Alemán, who saddly is no longer with us but who I remember dearly. Hoping that through out this compilation of Maroon V hits you can feel the emotion and excitement I felt while listening to such good music with someone really special.

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing the love for music always.

*The lyrics to This Love by Maroon V are on the video.

Feel free to share, comment or like. ❤

95* Machine

She’s all about caffeine, comics and cool “stuff”.

This week my best friend urged me to listen to this song by Scott Helman.

Though this young musician is from 1995 (and Canadian, yay!) yesterday while admiring his cover’s album it remind us of a classic icon:

He can be part of new generation of artists but certainly he’s not just another one of the bunch. His folsky voice stands out in a sea of auto-tuned singers and the acoustic sound of his music makes this seem like a sweet lullaby in the middle of a noisy night.

On other notes, I’m loving how lately some music videos like this one are produced as to resemble futuristic movies! So enjoy:

Your heart is more than a machine.
Pumping blood through your body, doing things you’ve never seen.
Their words come like arrows when they fly.
With mechanical precision they can cut you up inside.

But you’re more than bolts.
Like the city’s more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You’re more than a machine.

Fingertips and pretty lights.
We go through the scanner sideways.
See you on the other side.
Your flesh.
All your skin and all your bones.
Carry all our generations.
With the future still unknown.


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72* Lightning in a bottle

Enough of romantic thoughts and songs.

We still are young, we should be running free and singing along with our friends!

At least that’s what this song reminds me of…

The Summer Set

Featured image

It might only be spring but this american band from Arizona makes it feel like summer has already arrived!

Even though this band was formed in 2007 they already have four studio albums and until the present time the play everything that rhymes with pop: rock pop, punk pop, power pop…

To be honest, the very first time I listened to this song I thought I’d hate it because (let’s face it) it’s just way too much pop!

Nevertheless it only takes a minute to love it. Actually, it takes exactly 50 seconds because once the chorus is started you can feel why the call it “power pop” and it’s easy to understand why pop is the one genre that sustains the music industry: catchy rhythm and cheesy lyrics.

Luckily this ain’t “just another boyband” because one of its 5 members is a cool and talented rocker-lady!

Finally if you watch their official music video you’ll see it starts with the sound of a beating heart and snapshots of a group of friends (which immediately reminds us that we’re alive and there’s so much to live) but after that I’m not responsible of what you’ll see because, excepting the neon lights, the kind-of dork dancing around on a red suit makes not real sense if you’re paying attention to the lyrics…

That’s why you preferably should watch these lyric video instead ❤ I really enjoyed the roadtrip narrative on this one, the group dynamic with their natural acting, the shots, the camera effect, the colors and the landscapes.

In general I found these last video a lot more suitable for this song that talks about being young, silly and crazy. Traducing wildness into celebration, transforming a spark into a fire, making singing and howling a singular form of expression, being ready to dance in the rain without caring about anything else and just reminding us that we don’t need to change.


…And here the enlightening lyrics:

Out in the wild
Party in nowhere land
We start a fire
Sparklers in every hand
No phones, let go
Cut all the strings tonight
Singin’ aloud
Howlin’ right at the moon
We’re making out
Life’s never felt so good
Bring on the storm
We’re wilin’ out tonight

Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain
And your jeans soaked through
But you smiled anyway
Throw our hearts in the air

We’re catching lightning in a bottle
Don’t give a fuck about tomorrow
Yeah we’re dancing in the backseat
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow
Yeah we’re rolling with the thunder
Now take a breath, we’re going under
We’re getting busy on the backstreets
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow

Back of the car
Blankets and me and you
We’re running on perfectly wasted youth
I’ll hold you close
We’ll call this home tonight

And the fake tattoo that you drew on my arm
Had an X and an O
Never change who you are
Throw our hearts in the air

Hearts in the air
Here in the afterglow