All you need is romcoms.

So after being single for-ever one starts getting cynical about it. (See what I did there?) But honestly, that’s not a surprise since us stupid human beings have manage to be cynical about almost everything in life that kinda upsets us but we try hard not to let it show, so naturally we start being mean, acting cold and usually talking in an elaborated almost pretentious way instead. #sorrynotsorry

Still, single and all as I am, romantic comedies are my favorite kind of comedies, kind of movies in general actually… No matter how cheesy, predictable, unoriginal or commercial they can be I truly believe they are one of those few still reliable things on earth. From a romcom at least you know what to expect and then also you can expect that every romcom will fulfill your expectations, agree? Even if you’re just expecting it to be super-dork and unreal, you’ll be happy to know that no matter how much terribly-dramatic scenes you watch along, things will go smoothly in the end.

*Except for those painful romcoms as “Me before you”… Gosh, I felt so betrayed when I saw that emotional-ambush! The end got me in tears and not the usual happiness-I wish it was me-tears but the awful P.S. I love you-why are you doing this to me-tears 😦

Yet again: sarcasm. That’s what I need at this exact point of my life. Witty jokes and sharp quotes.

I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time

Yesterday I almost watched “In my dreams” but oh Lord after 2 minutes of watching its stupidly-perfect main characters, I had enough. Both were so sweet and proper! I-couldn’t stand them. As contradictory as this may sound I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time, so what I needed was a pair of characters so wrecked and lost that hopefully wouldn’t make me feel worse about myself.

And luckily enough, I found them!

Resultado de imagen para in my dreams movie

In a different movie though… (next friday I’ll post about it)

Anyway, as much as I enjoy laughing at catchy lines and sighing at cheesy gestures, deeply inside I know that’s not the main reason why I watch romcoms… I guess there’s nobody who can deny that what we feel when we end up watching a romcom is: hope. Silly, childish, unfounded hope but that still works up your mood and makes you feel blindly positive. You know, like anything could happen and that it could actually happen to you with whom you never ever imagined and when you least expect it!

But also nothing-at-all could happen too because that’s in fact what you least, least expect after watching a romcom. Thereby after some time by your own you might realize that romcoms are just another exageration of life and love, of soulmates, destiny and good luck… and since nothing “romantic” happens to you in a while you’ll need to get back to romcoms to get the perfect substitude of love, your dose of hope; because just like when you are on a diet and you start feeling upset for not being allowed to consume sugar, you have to remember there’s always Splenda to sweeten your life!

And besides The Beatles explained it better:

All you need is love.



82* Real girls eat cake

Is it mockery or is it actual art? For sure, it’s music. And it’s hilariously great.

Last week one of my best friends mentioned this boy-band that got her as obsessed as One Direction because of its cheesy tunes but with less cliché lyrics… actually they got nearly no conventional lyrics at all.

The Janoskians

Can you believe that this band’s name is an acronym for “Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation”? At least that’s what Wikipedia claims.

Formed by 5 australian kids currently living in L.A. this comical/musical group has taken over Youtube!

Fun-fact: Three of its members are brothers (two of them -sexy- twins) and the other two are their best-friends.

Here you can watch the official -and explicit- video of today’s song which includes a highly criticized vocabulary and some nonsense lyrics but in general a heroic message to all GIRLS: stop worrying about your size, EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT, never forget you’re beautiful and that anybody who loves you wouldn’t change a thing about you.

About the music, this song has a tropical laid back rhythm that speeds up perfectly at the chorus and makes you feel uplifted at the end. About the video, seriously GO watch it now.

…And here the funny lyrics:

Hey girl,
I see you made an effort with your lipstick,
But you got some on your teeth
You fucking dipshit,
You’re like a hot mess and I like it
Let’s go,
When we go out we make a great team,
You eat like a dude and lick your plate clean,
You’re my kind of girl and I like it

I’ll be the first to take you to the prom at our school,
I get a stiffy from all your awkward dance moves
I even wrote a stupid song because I like you
(it’s really stupid, this song).

I don’t need a girl to worry about a thigh gap,
I like the fact that you don’t give a shit about that,
You’re still sexy if you eat more than salad on a date
‘Cause real girls eat cake.
To me you’re prettier than Adriana Lima,
The way you work it when you’re looking in the mirror.
When you’re with me you can be who you are for fuck sake
‘Cause real girls eat cake.

I really really like the way your face is (it’s beautiful),
Even when there’s food stuck in your braces (yummy),
But I still snog you ‘cause I like it (yeah, yeah, yeah).
Let me have a word with your mum ‘cause she’s sexy (she’s sexy)
It must run in your genes if you get me,
I gotta admit that I like her (yeah, yeah, yeah).


Chocolate, strawberry, banana,
And vanilla cake that would be nice
And ice whipped cream cake.
And chocolate cake cream cake also with a little lemon
And herb cake.
And some fat cake over there
Tomato sauce cake over there.
Vegemite cake oh what other cakes can we have?
Fucking Jacob Fultons mmm fucking cake