All you need is romcoms.

So after being single for-ever one starts getting cynical about it. (See what I did there?) But honestly, that’s not a surprise since us stupid human beings have manage to be cynical about almost everything in life that kinda upsets us but we try hard not to let it show, so naturally we start being mean, acting cold and usually talking in an elaborated almost pretentious way instead. #sorrynotsorry

Still, single and all as I am, romantic comedies are my favorite kind of comedies, kind of movies in general actually… No matter how cheesy, predictable, unoriginal or commercial they can be I truly believe they are one of those few still reliable things on earth. From a romcom at least you know what to expect and then also you can expect that every romcom will fulfill your expectations, agree? Even if you’re just expecting it to be super-dork and unreal, you’ll be happy to know that no matter how much terribly-dramatic scenes you watch along, things will go smoothly in the end.

*Except for those painful romcoms as “Me before you”… Gosh, I felt so betrayed when I saw that emotional-ambush! The end got me in tears and not the usual happiness-I wish it was me-tears but the awful P.S. I love you-why are you doing this to me-tears 😦

Yet again: sarcasm. That’s what I need at this exact point of my life. Witty jokes and sharp quotes.

I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time

Yesterday I almost watched “In my dreams” but oh Lord after 2 minutes of watching its stupidly-perfect main characters, I had enough. Both were so sweet and proper! I-couldn’t stand them. As contradictory as this may sound I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time, so what I needed was a pair of characters so wrecked and lost that hopefully wouldn’t make me feel worse about myself.

And luckily enough, I found them!

Resultado de imagen para in my dreams movie

In a different movie though… (next friday I’ll post about it)

Anyway, as much as I enjoy laughing at catchy lines and sighing at cheesy gestures, deeply inside I know that’s not the main reason why I watch romcoms… I guess there’s nobody who can deny that what we feel when we end up watching a romcom is: hope. Silly, childish, unfounded hope but that still works up your mood and makes you feel blindly positive. You know, like anything could happen and that it could actually happen to you with whom you never ever imagined and when you least expect it!

But also nothing-at-all could happen too because that’s in fact what you least, least expect after watching a romcom. Thereby after some time by your own you might realize that romcoms are just another exageration of life and love, of soulmates, destiny and good luck… and since nothing “romantic” happens to you in a while you’ll need to get back to romcoms to get the perfect substitude of love, your dose of hope; because just like when you are on a diet and you start feeling upset for not being allowed to consume sugar, you have to remember there’s always Splenda to sweeten your life!

And besides The Beatles explained it better:

All you need is love.



99* The one

How do you know when a song is “The One”?

When you listen to it for the first time but still feel like you have always known the lyrics. You get butterflies in your stomach. The beautiful kind. Is love at first heard.

The strong piano chords to begin with, the ballad rhythm and the lyrics make this song from Kodaline such a wedding worthy song!

It makes me cry. For real. And I’m not even the crying-type.

Plus I just love this video so much. From beginning to end, the way the camera slides, the screen divided in two and the substance, the story, everytime love was so close and yet so far…

Tell me,
Tell me that you want me,
And I’ll be yours completely
For better or for worse.

I know,
We’ll have our disagreements,
Be fighting for no reason.
I wouldn’t change it for the world.

‘Cause I knew
The first day that I met you
I was never gonna let you,
Let you slip away.

And I
Still remember feeling nervous
Trying to find the words to
Get you here today.

You make my heart feel like it’s summer
When the rain is pouring down.
You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong.
That’s how I know you are the one.

It’s easy to be scared of.
With you I am prepared for
What is yet to come.

‘Cause our two
Hearts will make it easy
Joining up the pieces
Together making one.


When we are together you make me feel like my mind is free and my dreams are reachable
You know I never ever believed in love,
I believed one day that you would come along
and free me


76* Loving you tonight

Finally some new-canadian hot-stuff!

Andrew Allen

Probably he isn’t the next Bryan Adams but he seems just as cute and talented.

He is a musician, songwriter and singer who released his first album in 2008.

Today’s song is his second single which was featured on the soundtrack of the 2011 movie Abduction starring Taylor Lautner!

This song with its cheesy rhythm shows us the bright side of compromise or at least the positive feeling at the start of a serious relationship.

TÍP* It’s the perfect song for a married couple to prove all single people wrong about marriage. The musical prove that romance can be kept alive even inside the rutine and that the peak of true love isn’t the moment you find your soulmate but the many nights you come home to find out that the one you love has been waiting there for you ❤

And after watching the official music video to this single another lesson it’s clear for us: the perfect way to stress a chorus or a message is to let just guitar chords, slow snaps and the main voice enlighten the scene.

…And here the night-time lyrics (english/spanish):

Lost, In the day, In a way
Its the same as the one before this
and i wish, I could say
that its all black and white
But its gray, Its the same, its the same
And i’m so tired but you are what I’m comin home to

Oh im thinkin’ ‘bout red wine, birds and takin’ it easy
and i got you in my arms, takin’ a break from crazy

And I’ll say hey
You’ll say baby, How’s your day
I’ll say crazy
But its all gonna be alright
You’ll kiss my smile
I’ll pull you closer
Spend awhile just gettin’ to know ya
But its all gonna be alright, Loving you tonight

And you are there
On my heart, at the start
of my every morning
and i cant deny, by the end of the day
that im runnin’ on empty
But you make it full, steal my breathe
Your so unpredictable,
Thats what i’m comin home to

Oh i’m dreamin about romance , slow dancin with you

When i got you in my arms, Then i don’t care what we do


Cause’ everyday is just the in between
the hours separating you from me
i know you’ll be waiting

72* Lightning in a bottle

Enough of romantic thoughts and songs.

We still are young, we should be running free and singing along with our friends!

At least that’s what this song reminds me of…

The Summer Set

Featured image

It might only be spring but this american band from Arizona makes it feel like summer has already arrived!

Even though this band was formed in 2007 they already have four studio albums and until the present time the play everything that rhymes with pop: rock pop, punk pop, power pop…

To be honest, the very first time I listened to this song I thought I’d hate it because (let’s face it) it’s just way too much pop!

Nevertheless it only takes a minute to love it. Actually, it takes exactly 50 seconds because once the chorus is started you can feel why the call it “power pop” and it’s easy to understand why pop is the one genre that sustains the music industry: catchy rhythm and cheesy lyrics.

Luckily this ain’t “just another boyband” because one of its 5 members is a cool and talented rocker-lady!

Finally if you watch their official music video you’ll see it starts with the sound of a beating heart and snapshots of a group of friends (which immediately reminds us that we’re alive and there’s so much to live) but after that I’m not responsible of what you’ll see because, excepting the neon lights, the kind-of dork dancing around on a red suit makes not real sense if you’re paying attention to the lyrics…

That’s why you preferably should watch these lyric video instead ❤ I really enjoyed the roadtrip narrative on this one, the group dynamic with their natural acting, the shots, the camera effect, the colors and the landscapes.

In general I found these last video a lot more suitable for this song that talks about being young, silly and crazy. Traducing wildness into celebration, transforming a spark into a fire, making singing and howling a singular form of expression, being ready to dance in the rain without caring about anything else and just reminding us that we don’t need to change.


…And here the enlightening lyrics:

Out in the wild
Party in nowhere land
We start a fire
Sparklers in every hand
No phones, let go
Cut all the strings tonight
Singin’ aloud
Howlin’ right at the moon
We’re making out
Life’s never felt so good
Bring on the storm
We’re wilin’ out tonight

Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain
And your jeans soaked through
But you smiled anyway
Throw our hearts in the air

We’re catching lightning in a bottle
Don’t give a fuck about tomorrow
Yeah we’re dancing in the backseat
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow
Yeah we’re rolling with the thunder
Now take a breath, we’re going under
We’re getting busy on the backstreets
We don’t need gravity here in the afterglow

Back of the car
Blankets and me and you
We’re running on perfectly wasted youth
I’ll hold you close
We’ll call this home tonight

And the fake tattoo that you drew on my arm
Had an X and an O
Never change who you are
Throw our hearts in the air

Hearts in the air
Here in the afterglow

70* Playground love

This is one of those songs that explains much with just few words and awesome chords.


This french duo started playing in 1995.

They’re all about downtempo, space rock and lots of electronic music.

They have 7 studio albums and yeah, a long musical career.

The official music video of today’s song was produced by Sofia Coppola, the magnificent director of The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring and other cool movies.

With a laid back rhythm along sax solos and faint vocals this song creates an ideal sort of romantic atmoshpere. The kind of environment where you would rather fall in love with the music, the moment or this french duo.

…And the high-school lyrics (english/spanish):

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You’re my playground love

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains, themes no matter, I’m on fire
On the playground, love.

You’re the piece of gold the flushes all my soul
Extra time, on the ground.
You’re my playground love.

Anytime, anyway,
You’re my playground love.