All you need is romcoms.

So after being single for-ever one starts getting cynical about it. (See what I did there?) But honestly, that’s not a surprise since us stupid human beings have manage to be cynical about almost everything in life that kinda upsets us but we try hard not to let it show, so naturally we start being mean, acting cold and usually talking in an elaborated almost pretentious way instead. #sorrynotsorry

Still, single and all as I am, romantic comedies are my favorite kind of comedies, kind of movies in general actually… No matter how cheesy, predictable, unoriginal or commercial they can be I truly believe they are one of those few still reliable things on earth. From a romcom at least you know what to expect and then also you can expect that every romcom will fulfill your expectations, agree? Even if you’re just expecting it to be super-dork and unreal, you’ll be happy to know that no matter how much terribly-dramatic scenes you watch along, things will go smoothly in the end.

*Except for those painful romcoms as “Me before you”… Gosh, I felt so betrayed when I saw that emotional-ambush! The end got me in tears and not the usual happiness-I wish it was me-tears but the awful P.S. I love you-why are you doing this to me-tears 😦

Yet again: sarcasm. That’s what I need at this exact point of my life. Witty jokes and sharp quotes.

I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time

Yesterday I almost watched “In my dreams” but oh Lord after 2 minutes of watching its stupidly-perfect main characters, I had enough. Both were so sweet and proper! I-couldn’t stand them. As contradictory as this may sound I’m a hopeless romantic and a Valentine’s Grinch at the same time, so what I needed was a pair of characters so wrecked and lost that hopefully wouldn’t make me feel worse about myself.

And luckily enough, I found them!

Resultado de imagen para in my dreams movie

In a different movie though… (next friday I’ll post about it)

Anyway, as much as I enjoy laughing at catchy lines and sighing at cheesy gestures, deeply inside I know that’s not the main reason why I watch romcoms… I guess there’s nobody who can deny that what we feel when we end up watching a romcom is: hope. Silly, childish, unfounded hope but that still works up your mood and makes you feel blindly positive. You know, like anything could happen and that it could actually happen to you with whom you never ever imagined and when you least expect it!

But also nothing-at-all could happen too because that’s in fact what you least, least expect after watching a romcom. Thereby after some time by your own you might realize that romcoms are just another exageration of life and love, of soulmates, destiny and good luck… and since nothing “romantic” happens to you in a while you’ll need to get back to romcoms to get the perfect substitude of love, your dose of hope; because just like when you are on a diet and you start feeling upset for not being allowed to consume sugar, you have to remember there’s always Splenda to sweeten your life!

And besides The Beatles explained it better:

All you need is love.



Waiting for…

I’m not sure what am I still waiting for… for you to call? For you to say “hello” the next time we cross paths? A text? An inbox? A DM? am I still waiting for you?

Truth is I have tried to move on, not to think about you, not to try and work you into the conversation every time I’m having a coffee with my friends, not to remember what you told me when we first met while I’m trying to concentrate on a test, not to miss your kisses when I’m trying to sleep at night… But it’s too hard. Because pretending is hard. Lying is hard.

I miss you. I can get over you.

Not yet.

I often think that I should have tried harder, I should have been the one who called you, asked you out one more time, told you that I loved you before you said goodbye.

But the little logic that my brain still beholds, reminds me that you didn’t want me to try at all, you weren’t waiting for my call, you wouldn’t want to go out one more time because if you had wanted so you would have said “hi” that one time we saw each other at a bar. But you didn’t want to.

What am I still waiting for?

I guess you were the last one… I gotta find somebody new, someone different to wait on. Because, honestly, I don’t even know what am I still waiting for.


95* Machine

She’s all about caffeine, comics and cool “stuff”.

This week my best friend urged me to listen to this song by Scott Helman.

Though this young musician is from 1995 (and Canadian, yay!) yesterday while admiring his cover’s album it remind us of a classic icon:

He can be part of new generation of artists but certainly he’s not just another one of the bunch. His folsky voice stands out in a sea of auto-tuned singers and the acoustic sound of his music makes this seem like a sweet lullaby in the middle of a noisy night.

On other notes, I’m loving how lately some music videos like this one are produced as to resemble futuristic movies! So enjoy:

Your heart is more than a machine.
Pumping blood through your body, doing things you’ve never seen.
Their words come like arrows when they fly.
With mechanical precision they can cut you up inside.

But you’re more than bolts.
Like the city’s more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You’re more than a machine.

Fingertips and pretty lights.
We go through the scanner sideways.
See you on the other side.
Your flesh.
All your skin and all your bones.
Carry all our generations.
With the future still unknown.


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94* I’m not the only one

Listening to my 10 year old cousin sing this song broke my heart.


I’m not the only one by Sam Smith.

The official music video (which btw features actor Chriss Messina who plays Dr. Dany Castellano on “The Mindy Project” -one of my favorite series-) shows a love story ending because of infidelity but somehow the lyrics of this song resonate in so many more aspects of life.

Is about counting on someone and then watching them let you down. Without reason. Without logic. It seems unbelievable and certainly the pain is unrealistic. And time after, when you should feel like forgiving them for making you sufer… you only want them to forgive you. But forgive you for what? You don’t even know what you did to make them want to leave but still you want them back. Withough logic. Without reason.

Hopefully, or saddly, I know I’m not the only one that has felt this once… or maybe even twice. Not the only one who sometimes feels alone even at a sea of people, not the only one who fakes smiles while trying not to cry, not the only one who’s thinking about someone that has long forgotten me…


And if you have ever felt like this aswell; know that you’re not the only one either, my dear.

You and me, we made a vow
For better or for worse
I can’t believe you let me down
But the proof’s in the way it hurts

For months on end I’ve had my doubts
Denying every tear
I wish this would be over now
But I know that I still need you here

You say I’m crazy
‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done
But when you call me baby
I know I’m not the only one

You’ve been so unavailable
Now sadly I know why
Your heart is unobtainable
Even though Lord knows you kept mine


I have loved you for many years
Maybe I am just not enough
You’ve made me realize my deepest fear
By lying and tearing us up

88* Cool Kids

If you’re young, try not to get involved with the “too cool” crowd. That quickly becomes the crowd that’s “too cool” to work hard, “too cool” to take chances and “too cool” to succeed.- HONY


EAmerican indie-pop band… ah, I love that sentence.

In 2009 four siblings from Chino, California decided to form a band together.

I’m guessing their parents did many things right because getting all your kids to agree on something must be hard and then getting them to work hard to achieve what they want must be harder!

They released “Talking Dreams” their debut (and so far only) album on October 2013.

FUN FACT: Today’s song was Warner Bros. Records fifth-biggest-selling-digital song of 2014 with 1.3 million downloads sold!

Watch the official web video tricks us with a visual story in which they focus on an “awkward girl” character that seems to be uncomfortable within the cool kids or may be thinking about the cool kids, at the end we understand that the crew isn’t actually the cool “bad ass” crowd but rather just her crowd of friends that fast enough would get her to realize that they are the true cool kids she may be thinking about.

The melody of this song is beautiful for its simplicity, at times it might seem too repetitive but for me it has just the right balance. Even though, the thing I like the most about this song are the lyrics (aka the message) because they describe so well every “average” teenager perspective on high school days… looking into a crowd as if the school belonged to them. Feeling left out, feeling as if you were going too slow but never really acknowledging that may be they are going too fast and never realizing that having a different style will be always more valuable than following a written path.

Thruth is, most of us just want to feel part of a whole specially during our teenage years when we feel so defenseless and so near of the “cruel real world”. All we want is to have someone that has our back and we wish we had the most intimidating guys of the block on our side. Little we know that those guys don’t usually feel as confindent as we see them, that most of their smiles may hide an insecure thought behind.

…And here the coolest lyrics (english/spanish):

She sees them walking in a straight line
That’s not really her style
They all got the same heartbeat
But hers is falling behind
Nothing in this world could ever bring them down
Yeah, they’re invincible
And she’s just in the background

And she/he/they say
I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Because all the cool kids, they seem to fit in
I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Like the cool kids

He sees them talking with a big smile
But they haven’t got a clue
Yeah, they’re living the good life
Can’t see what he is going through
They’re driving fast cars
But they don’t know where they’re going
In the fast lane, living life without knowing